Welcome to Battlebow: Shoot the Demons, the FREE action RPG that pits you against hordes of demons. Battlebow: Shoot the Demons is the perfect blend of the RPG and 2D shooter genre. Tap to aim and shoot, swipe to slash and block! Collect items and level up your character to defend against an onslaught of demons. Blast them to pieces with a vast array of weaponry and spells, including explosive arrows, cannonballs and lightnings.

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"It is brilliant fun" (Rating: 83%) - TheSmartPhoneAppReview.com (Read Review)
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"Battlebow is a cool and frenzied mix of RPG and shooter in which you have to defend your life to its last drop of blood from the onslaught of blood thirsty demons." (Rating: 4/5) - iPhoneGamerUK.co.uk (Read Review)
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  • 4 Classes

    Play as the Crossbowman, Archeress, Sorceress or Artilleryman. Level up your character to defend against an onslaught of demons.
  • Cooperative Mode

    Fight with your friend on a single device. Play simultaneously and have a great time assisting one another while fighting against the demon invasion. The easy one-finger controls will make sure you won't get into each others way.
  • Quests

    Accomplish quests to prove that you are worthy, and get XP and gold as a reward.
  • Items

    Loot and equip over 140 items: Crossbows, bows, artillery-cannons, swords, axes, magic staffs, plate armors, rings, amulets, and more. Check out the Battlebow Wiki for more info.
  • Shop

    You can buy all kinds of items in the shop, but the rare items are sought-after and not always available. Sometimes the shop has epic items in stock, and there are rumours that, from time to time, even legendary items are sold.